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97% Of Gladstone Brookes Clients Happy With The Service They Received

The mis-selling of PPI by banks, lenders, and insurance companies has become well documented. The High Court found the practice of mis-selling these policies as illegal and also stated that those consumers who had been illegally sold payment protection should be entitled to reclaim the payments they made. In some circumstances it is also possible to reclaim interest against the money paid. Gladstone Brookes clients have claimed, on average, more than £6,000 each over the last 12 months.

Gladstone Brookes PPI Review

Gladstone Brookes are a leading claims specialist dealing with PPI claims on behalf of tens of thousands of clients every single year. In 2011 alone, they took on over 44,000 clients and have already taken on over 5,000 clients since the turn of the year. Following surveys conducted of many of these customers, Gladstone Brookes has found that 96% were happy with the outcome of their claim and 97% were happy with the service provided by Gladstone Brookes.

A review of Gladstone Brookes

The claims process means that consumers who have been mis-sold payment protection insurance have a means of reclaiming payments made. In some instances, it is also possible that claimants will be awarded interest against those payments, meaning that a single claim by one individual can lead to a payment of several thousand pounds. Gladstone Brookes clients won an average of more than £6,000 in the last quarter and if you have been mis-sold your policy then you too could reclaim as much as this or more.

Peace of mind from Gladstone Brookes

As professional claims handlers, Gladstone Brookes will take on all elements of your case. They will compile the appropriate paperwork and figures before filing a claim with the insurance company or lender responsible. They will also cancel your existing PPI policy to make sure that you are not paying for a product which has proven to have been mis-sold to you.

Gladstone Brookes PPI reclaim

PPI reclaims have totalled millions of pounds in the past few years and Gladstone Brookes have reclaimed over 20 million in the last month alone and over £100 million in the whole of 2011. Contact Gladstone Brookes today to discuss your case and benefit from their no upfront costs offer.